• City Directory…?

    The city has been discussing revising the City Directory.  The directory was started years ago to keep everyone connected with phone numbers and addresses.  The city directory has always included resident information such as names, phone numbers, email addresses, and children’s names and ages.  Recent discussion has suggested that with how social media has evolved and how easy information is to come by on the internet that we may not require such a document any longer.  Additionally, individuals have been less open to sharing information such as children’s names, email addresses etc to protect their own identity.

    The City Council has distributed a survey regarding a City Directory publication and are looking for your feedback  Please give us your feedback ASAP…

    Go to:  https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/NMQ9PQ7

  • National Severe Weather Preparedness Week (March 2-8, 2014)

    The City formally recognized National Severe Weather Preparedness Week in the March 3, 2014 Council Meeting.  National Severe Weather Preparedness Week is sponsored by FEMA and the National Oceanic Atmospheric Agency (NOAA).  It is designed to increase awareness of potential severe weather events and to encourage people and communities to know their risks, take action and be an example.

    Severe weather can happen at any time.  That is why it is so important to be prepared ahead of time on an individual family basis, as well as the community level.


    • Develop a family communication plan
    • Create or buy an emergency supply kit
    • Store at least two weeks worth of food and water
    • Have emergency items on hand such as blankets, flashlights, etc (see http:..emergency.cdc.gov/preparedness/kit/diasasters/index.asp

    Learn more at www.weather.gov, www.ready.gov/severe-weather, or the Spanish language website www.listo.gov.

  • Who to Contact For What

    Mountain City Water System – 96 N. Camino Real, Uhland, TX 78640

    Hays County Sheriff’s Office (non-emergency/admin) 512.393.7896 / 512.393.7800

    Trash Services

    - Howard Green – 512.262.1488

    - Texas Disposal Systems (TDS) – 512.421.1344 / 512.421.1300

    - Rapid Disposal Systems – 512.233.4444


  • Website Update

    We have had an issue with spam to our user groups.  We have disabled the user groups until we can get the site and all respective plug-ins updated.

  • Coyote Problems

    Coyotes seem to be a growing issue across the State of Texas and Mountain City is no exception.  We have had several complaints about coyotes in the city limits over the past few months.  Sgt. Frank Cheatham of the Hays County Sheriff’s Office Animal Control Unit joined our City Council Meeting in March to offer a few tips.

    While Hays County SO does not have the equipment to pick up large animals they do have the equipment to trap racoons, possums and other like animals.  The idea is that if we remove the coyote food source then they will be forced to look elsewhere for food.  A few things you can do to help out include;

    • Bring pet food and water bowls in every evening
    • Install motion lights around the exterior of your hoome
    • Clean up fruit droppings from fruit trees
    • Clean up any small dead animals or call in large dead animals for removal

    If you ever encounter a coyote know that they are terrified of you more than you are of them!  So stomp your feet, scream,  yell, make a lot of motion and they will leave you alone.   And don’t let your small pets roam far from you and not without a leash.

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    New Website for Mountain City!

    Welcome to the new Mountain City website!   The new site has been streamlined with easier access to the things you need to know.  In addition, there are some great new features to stay better connected.

    Under “Discussion” in the main menu, there are several new social networking functions not found in the old website:

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